Each pose you order has a one-time fee of $15 regardless of sizes or quantities ordered.
This include a digital share size for social media.

You will always receive 15% off any framing of a Natural-Beauty picture from Get Framed.

Wall Portraits

  Photo Gallery Wrap Canvas
24x30, 24x36 $125.00  
20x25, 20x30 $100.00 $250.00
16x20, 16x24 $65.00 $175.00
11x14 $40.00 $100.00

Designer Art Images and Collages have extra charges associated with them.

Gift Portraits

8x10 $15.00
5x7 $10.00
4x6 $6.00
4 Wallets $8.00

Many other sizes are also available, from square 8x8 to 24x24, to tall or long of 5x20 to 24x unlimited.

Wallet Packages

  1 Pose 2 Poses 3 Poses 4 Poses 5 Poses
48 Wallets $75.00 $85.00      
96 Wallets $130.00 $145.00 $160.0    
144 Wallets $175.00 $195.00 $215.00 $235.00  
192 Wallets $215.00 $235.00 $260.00 $285.00 $310.00
240 Wallets $240.00 $265.00 $290.00 $320.00 $350.00

Senior Announcements in many different postcard or folding card styles available. We also have many other gift items and other options available in studio. If there is anything you're intersted in, ask.

Year-in-Photos Photo Book

A 12x12 photo book of all the events of your Senior year. We will go to several of your games, performances and graduation as well as taking portrait style photos for extra curricular activities.

Books start as small as 5 spreads (10 pages) and can go to as many spreads as you want.

More details coming soon.